Our Candles

Every candle is hand-poured individually so you can expect little imperfections such as small blemishes or air bubbles - it only adds character to your pieces. Please note that pictures are not an exact representation of the candle you will receive as they are hand-poured and may have slight variances in details.


Our candles are a soy blend wax which means they burn cleaner, however this type of wax is prone to something called "frosting". This appears as a white speckles on areas of the candle. You can remove frosting by gently buffing the surface with your fingers or a soft cloth. That being said, frosting can work to our advantage as it adds character and amazing texture to the candle - it really makes it an individual piece. 


These candles serve mainly as a decor piece but can serve as a pillar candle as well. If you do want to burn your candle we recommend placing a dish underneath as they can burn quite messy. You can expect the burn time of your little lady or little gent to be around 45 mins to an hr. To make the most of your novelty burn keep the wick trimmed to 1/4 inch to avoid tunneling.


If you noticed that your candle is cracked upon arrival it may be due to the cooler weather. Please allow your candle to acclimatize for at least 72 hours. If the candle is still cracked after 72 hours please reach out to us.


 Xx, Lifeelofhome